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Vinny Fuerst: Symphony "No. 3"

This one movement work is an homage to the music of Franz Joseph Haydn - with a twist that he would have enjoyed. The "No. 3" in the title refers to the fact that all the melodic material in the piece derives from the nursery tune Three Blind Mice. The "Symphony" part of the title clues us in to the fact that this very familiar tune is given an full classical sonata-forn treatment, with exposition, "first theme", "second theme", development and recapitulation. Its a fun piece to play, to listen to, and to explore!

     5-Part (2vln, va, vc, db)
     Total Timing - ???
     Key: D major
     Alternate Key Available: NO
     Score and Full Set of Parts [6,6, 4, 4, 2] - $45; Extra Parts - $1 each
     Catalog # 55136
     Violin V part available: yes
     Cello V part available: yes


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Luigi Nono achieved prominence after World War II as an uncompromising modernist seeking to revolutionize music in Europe. Along with fellow Italians Luciano Berio and Bruno Maderna, Nono attended the influential Darmstadt Summer Courses and became associated with other young modernists . . . 


I love your wide-ranging, interesting and very playable arrangements. Please keep doing what you're doing! . . . 

Stephanie Barley

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