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10 Interesting Facts About the Piano (thanks to Singspiel!)

#1: There are 7500 working parts in the body of each piano.

That’s an enormous number of little pieces that need to be working perfectly to get the sound that you need!

#2: The piano is generally considered to be a member of the percussion family because it only makes noise when a hammer hits a string.

Bet you didn’t know that you could be considered a percussionist!

#3: The name piano is actually a nickname for the full Italian name of the instrument, which is pianoforte.

This longer name was given to the instrument based on its ability to play notes very quietly (piano) or very loudly (forte).

#4: The piano is actually a relatively new instrument!

The first piano constructed was made in 1698 by Bartolomeo Cristofori in Italy. That might sound old, but other instruments such as the flute have been around for thousands of years – the piano is only 316 years old!

#5: There are 230 strings required for a piano to make its full range of sound.

There is an incredible amount of pressure on these strings too – over 30 tons of pressure might be exerted on a concert grand!

#6: The piano is known as the King of the Instruments because its range goes from the lowest note that you can play on a double-bassoon to the highest note that you can play on a piccolo.

The single instrument covers a full orchestral range!

#7: There are 18 million non-professional piano players in the United States alone, and over 10 million pianos! 

This is can be a huge benefit when it comes to studying music at a higher level – no matter which instrument is your principal area of study, most programs will ask you to have a year of piano lessons under your belt as well.

#8: A concert grand piano is 8 feet, 11 inches long and weighs over 1400 pounds.

This is why everyone looks so tiny when they are playing one! This size also helps the instrument to produce its incredible sound quality

#9: Even though piano keys are referred to as the ivories, they have not been made out of ivory since the 1940s to protect endangered resources.

Now they are made out of plastic instead.

#10: The best piano brand in the world is considered to be the Steinway piano.

The Steinway family has been making pianos since 1853 and a Steinway Grand Piano can cost well over $100, 000.

Hopefully these fun facts have changed the way that you think about your piano – it isn’t just a tool you use for practice, it is an intricate instrument that is capable of more than you may think!

The History of the Piano (Thanks to ducksters.com)

The first keyboard instrument was the organ in the 3rd century. However, it wasn't until later that the organ started to use keys. In the 14th century, the harpsichord was invented and became popular in Europe. The harpsichord plucked a string and looked somewhat like the pianos we have today. However, plucking the string did not allow for different volumes and expressions to be played.

In the year 1698 Bartolomeo Cristofori, an Italian harpsichord maker, invented the piano. The piano combined the expression of the clavichord with the volume of the harpsichord. Now musicians could control the volume and the length of notes played giving them much greater expression than with the harpsichord.

The name piano comes from the Italian word pianoforte which means loud and soft. This is because you could now control the volume of notes when playing the keys.

A Piano Staircase! (Thanks to Rolighetsteorin!)

. . . and more to come!