Vinny Fuerst Music Studio

I've posted these piano videos to help you with the pieces you are working on. Feel free to ask me to add others that you'd like to see. I also hope they inspire you to play your best!

Piano Adventures, Level 1, Performance (by Faber & Faber)
        The Spanish Guitar
        Jack & the Beanstalk
        Pop Goes the Weasel
        The Clock Shop
        I'm a Fine Musician
        Peter, Peter
        Rusty Old Bike
        A Merry March
        Painting with Pastels
        Square Dance
        500 Year Old Melody
        Crazy Clown
        Two Little Marches
        The Crawling Spider
        Sleeping Beauty Waltz
        The Handbell Choir
        Miniature Sonatina
        Hill and Gully Rider
        I've Got Music
        Rain Dance
        Silver Moon Boat
        San Francisco Trolly
        Jumbo's Lullaby

Piano Adventures, Level 2A, Performance (by Faber & Faber)
        The Juggler
        Rhino in the Mud
        Green Frog Hop
        Dance Theme and Variations
        Home on the Range
        The Storm and the Rainbow
        Mr. McGill's Boop Sha-Bop!
        The Loch Ness Monster
        March of the English Guard
        Coconut Shuffle
        Rocky Mountain Train
        Italian Children's Game
        Pachyderm Caravan
        Snow Fort Hideout
        The Horseman's Night Ride
        Dance of the Irish

El Diablo  (by Dennis Alexander, from "Showstoppers")

Fun in the Sun  (by Melody Bober, from "Just for Fun", Book 1)

Just Jazzin'  (by Melody Bober, from "Just for Fun", Book 1)

The Night Horseman  (by Melody Bober, from "Just for Fun", Book 1)

Warrior Brave  (by Melody Bober, from "Just for Fun", Book 1)

Imperial March (by John Williams, from "Star Wars")